Staging a House for the Perfect OPEN HOUSE

When your realtor agrees that the time is right to hold an open house to try and secure an offer on your home, you have to strike while the iron is hot to make the most of this opportunity. The open house is your one chance to get dozens of potential buyers inside the house in a more relaxed setting, and your best chance to get them emotionally connected to the house.

Charleston Luxury HomesRegardless a buyers or sellers market, these open house staging tips will give you the best chance to attract the right buyer, “furnished” by Premier one – one of real estate Charleston SC best providers  :

1. Get everything off those kitchen counter-tops and box up any additional clutter. If it doesn’t fit comfortably in a cabinet drawer, box it up because you want that kitchen to look as roomy as possible. A cluttered kitchen just turns off a buyer right out of the blocks.

2. Take down all the pictures around the house of your family and get them boxed up for the move today. The goal here is to let the buyers become emotionally attached to the house and imagine their families living there. They should not be spending any effort trying to imagine your kids NOT living there any longer.

3. Clean out closets, spare bedrooms, the basement, and box it all and move it to a storage facility. If you put all these boxes on the garage, the buyers are going to think they can’t keep their items in the house and will need to store in the garage too because space is limited. You must create the illusion your house has more than enough room throughout.

4. Hire a professional cleaning service to steam clean carpeting, upholstery, tiles, and to polish the hardwood floors, wash windows, and restore grout work. The goal is to give the house a complete once-over so a potential buyer gets to see the best of the house when they are in each room.

5. If anything needs repair, do it before the open house. Call a handyman to fix that leaking sink, repair a toilet that keeps running, fix a dripping refrigerator, and restore that noisy HVAC system. The less the buyer can complain about, the more bargaining power you will have when you set the selling price of the home.

Now that you are aware of how to stage for an open house, get working on as many of these as possible and you should see those offers coming in that you had been hoping for.

The Argument for Purchasing Used Boats Versus New Boats

If you are committed to buying a boat, and you think that new is the way to go, maybe you have not thought this through completely or you are just caught up in the excitement and making an impulse buy. The boats will be there tomorrow, it might be a good idea if you simply take a step back and consider all the benefits to buying used instead. If after reading the following information you are not convinced, then buying a new boat might be the only solution for you.

Here are some reasons many people consider buying the used boats when boat shopping:

USed Boats1. With a used boat, you get a much cheaper price right out of the gates. Even if the boat has been used once, you are going to save thousands apposed to buying new from the showroom. In some cases the original manufacturer warranty is still in place.

2. Many times you can negotiate with the seller, especially if they are motivated. This means you could make a cash offer much lower than their asking price and still walk away with the deal because they simply know it will cost them more to wait for another buyer to come along.

3. Most boat owners take pride in their boats and add all sorts of upgrades after they put it in the water. You not only get a cheaper price, you could be getting an upgraded engine, new stereo system, or state of the art entertainment system already installed with your boat.

4. In some cases, if the boat is still fairly new, you may still qualify for all the manufacturer warranties on parts. This can really seal the deal for many people who are on the fence about buying from a previous owner.

5. When you are buying from a private seller, you may have the opportunity to come up with some really creative payment options. Perhaps this seller is looking to get a used car for their college bound kid or is in the market for landscaping equipment you already own and want to sell. Striking up a trade for the boat could benefit both of you and get you in your boat without spending a penny more than you already have.

These are only a few of the advantages to buying a boat used. If you don’t think these are worth your time, then you are still free to shell out top dollar for a brand new boat.  For more info on buying a used boat visit

The Power and Positive Results of Digital Marketing

Charleston SEOEach year marketing techniques online are forced to change with the times. In only a few sort years, the technology has advanced at such a break neck speed that you had better be working on the foundation of your website if you expect to see long-term results. If you are trying to game the system for faster results, by the time the search engine algorithms change next month, your website will be left for dust at the bottom of the organic rankings.

Here are a few digital marketing strategies to get you more exposure and keep you in the game longer we discovered working with the leading Charleston SEO firm over at;

The first area you must focus on your website when it pertains to digital marketing is fresh content. There must be an effort made to add at least some fresh content daily, because this is the trigger that goes out over the internet that draws in the search engine spiders to come crawl your pages. If you are not making an effort here, your competition is going to simply run you down.

Keywords are even more important that articles because they allow the search engine spiders to index and rank your content. If you are not making any effort to choose the right keywords, then you are better off not doing anything because you are simply wasting time. The long-tail keywords that you should be targeting must have a decent monthly search volume, while at the same time a low amount of competition. These may be hard to find, but the work will pay off when you do.

The thing with digital marketing that really will separate you from your competition is client engagement. Once you have a visitor on your website, you must make every effort possible for them to take action and fill out your form for their e-mail, so you can send them correspondence down the road. Once you have that e-mail, it is worth more than gold because you now can message this visitor time and time again with offer that will get them to take action and make a purchase.

Don’t flood your visitors with sale after sale messages either, once in a while provide them some useful information they can use to help grow their own business. When you take the time to give a reader information that is useful, they are more likely to refer your business, share your content on social media, and expand your global reach.